Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my duct system get dirty? 
A. If the rest of your house gets dirty from general use then the furnace will pull the dirt into the duct system too.

Q.Will duct cleaning wreck my duct system?
A. No absolutely not.

Q. Does a new home need to be cleaned?
A. New homes have a lot of construction debris and drywall dust that we can remove for you.

Q. What benefits can I expect from having my ductwork cleaned? 
A. Improved indoor air quality, better furnace performance  (remember to regularly replace disposable filters or clean reusable filters  so as not to starve the furnace of air), less dusting and greater heating/cooling efficiency.

Q. What are the most common or unusual things you have found in ductwork? 
A. We commonly see a lot of dead mice, birds, squirrels, golf balls, pool balls, and sometimes money (which we will give back to you). Some of the unusual things we've found have been a dead snake and racoon.


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